GROY Translations – Interpretations

Interpretation service helps people knowing different languages communicate with each other. Irrespective of place or number of people we perform all kinds of interpretation, starting from machine and equipment showcase in a coal mine, through international conferences in Brussels or Vilnius, and ending at business negotiation on a plane. We also offer interpreters for long-term contracts and phone interpretations.

  • Simultaneous (booth) interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Sworn interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation
  • Phone interpretation

What can you expect of GROY Translations?
  • interpreters who know the issue and terminology very well;
  • help with organization of interpretation;
  • confidentiality and high level of security;
  • translators who have security clearance in the Internal Security Agency up to the level of “strictly confidential”;
  • translators with the highest competencies and experience gained working on translations all over Europe, among others for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Parliaments and TV.

Feel free to read our references and regulations.

With the next translation please call us, send an e-mail or use the “quick estimation” form.

Simultaneous or consecutive?
The network of translators: