GROY Translations takes care of your security providing the highest possible confidentiality of information. All documents that are entrusted with us and all interpretations are confidential. By sending any document to us you can be sure that it will be properly secured.

GROY Translations’ procedures have been confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate:

What do we do to reach such high level of security?

  • our hard drives are encrypted with the best software;
  • our building is secured: alarm, monitoring, security agency;
  • all our employees sign confidentiality clause;
  • access to data is strictly controlled.

First procedure of strictly confidential translations
  • translation of documents in the Client’s place of residence,
  • translation may be carried out by several translators, each one translates a separate piece of text so that none of them sees the entire document,
  • the Client is responsible for people who have access to the documents.
Second procedure of strictly confidential translations